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Nov 14, 2022
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Hi everyone, my name is Lauren, I am an empath and believe in all things spiritual, supernatural and paranormal. I have an experience I’d like to share with you all in the hopes that someone may be able to shed a bit of light as to what it may have been. I decided to have an afternoon nap on the couch and I fell asleep watching a movie. I thought I had woken up but once I started experiencing things, I knew I must have been either dreaming or in some kind of other dimension. Everything was exactly the same as it had been when I went to sleep - movie still going, cats on the sofa with me, but when I tried to open my eyes I couldn’t. It was like they were stuck closed. I tried to open them using my hands/fingers and still couldn’t. I stumbled around; I remember feeling the pain of walking into the tv cabinet and falling over. The pain of the cat scratching me cos I accidentally rolled on her - I had no scratches when I woke up. I could feel everything, it all felt incredibly real. When I finally woke up, I became aware of my surroundings and tried to process what had happened. I’m not sure if it was just a very vivid dream, or if perhaps my spiritual being left my body. I want to note that I wasn’t afraid at any point, there didn’t feel like any negative energy was present. I would love to hear if anyone has experienced anything similar or could shed any light on what this may have been. Thankyou


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