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Eliza Vincz
Apr 09, 2022
In Episode-Specific Information
oh my gosh I was so excited about last night’s episode about the vortex in Wanaque because I live literally right there! I live in the condos behind Back Beach Park and I go hiking there regularly, so I wanted to share some pictures of the forest the vortex is in. for most of the whole forest, it’s my happy place. I feel genuinely welcome and at home there and I hate leaving it, when I’m there the world feels like it’s at peace. I’ve always known there was some sort of guardian there even if I haven’t seen her, I leave her offerings of flowers and berries or sometimes a little bit of incense by a stream (I put it out before leaving of course) and I pick up bits of trash when I can. I make sure I thank her for keeping me safe in my ventures and hope we can keep our friendship going and I think whatever she is appreciates my offerings. Dragonflies let me take pictures of them and even land on me, which Is incredibly magical. the place where our storyteller went is really the only area that’s foreboding and has creepy energy. That being said I’m totally willing to go in and take pictures!!
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Eliza Vincz
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