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Terms and Conditions

By submitting your story/experiences, either by email, contact form, or voicemail, you are agreeing to have them read or played on air during the podcast, and in some cases reread or replayed on future episodes. However, there is no guarantee that your story will be used on the show, and Paranormal Mysteries Podcast reserves the right to edit your story due to

grammar, swearing etc.

You, the author, maintain the rights to your story/experiences, and Paranormal Mysteries Podcast will never use your story, other than on the podcast, without your permission.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast relies on ad revenue, and donations in order to produce future episodes, and we do not compensate authors for submitting their story/experiences. Therefor, any monetary earnings associated with the episode, in which your story airs, are the sole property of

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast.

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